AUTHOR: Gary Wachtel (
EQUIPMENT: MIDI Interface & Multitimbral Synth, or MIDI-Compatible Sound Card
NEEDS: MIDI Sequencer Software or .MID File Player

Total Instruments: 15 + Drums


Playing Time: 6:17

Sequenced For: General MIDI


Type: Standard MIDI (Type 1)

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Original Arrangement: Available

This is a sequence of "Movie Spectacular"; a medley of themes from some memorable films. Included are "The Batman Theme," from "Batman: The Movie," composed by Danny Elfman; "Looks Like a Suicide" & "The John Dunbar Theme" from "Dances With Wolves," composed by John Barry; "Main Title - Prince of Thieves," from "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," composed by Michael Kamen. Original arrangement by Jay Bocook. Sequenced for Full Concert Orchestra using Freestyle & Performer Sequencing Software, and a Korg X5DR Synthesizer.

Note: This sequence can be used with non-GM synths by loading it into a sequencer and re-assigning the Program Change and MIDI Channel data to meet the requirements of your equipment.

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